Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Photos: Then and Now

So, here is a photo I took ten years ago this week:

Gabe and Breton, Age 9 and 4.

And here are photos from yesterday... I think the changes in our family are apparent (and yes, I got yelled at on FB because the 19yo wasn't in these...so I'll try to remedy that today when he gets home from work and post and update).

I love how "girly" my girl looks walking next to all those boys!

I showed Oli (4) this photo (he's on the left), and he sighed and said, "I like Breton the best." Well, I see his point. She is definitely the "pretty" one of the bunch!

Some of you know what a blessing  this photo story is. When I took the  first photo ten years ago, I didn't think I would ever have any more children. I was praying for just ONE more--every prayer request to my friends, and every prayer breathed out of my mouth started with:  "God, please! Please. A baby."

God's funny--not haha funny, but "too wonderful in ways we cannot understand" funny. I just didn't ever see this coming. How could I have known when I was desperate for just one more, that he had FIVE more in His plans for me? That fifth one isn't here yet... due late April.  And now my prayer:  God? Please? A girl?

Happy, beautiful, colorful fall, and blessings to you all.

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