Saturday, December 7, 2013

This Camel's Got a New Friend

Today, as per his usual Christmas tradition, my father treated my whole family to the Living  Christmas Tree pageant.  This is a lovely musical pageant that  does a beautiful job every year retelling the birth, life and death of Christ, interspersed with a modern story (this year it was the story of a man celebrating his 100th birthday and sharing his "wisdom" with a younger man, while working at a soup kitchen). The orchestra and choir are beautiful, the  sets and children singing and dancing, and lights, fog, and sounds... They even have angels singing in the skies.  It's truly amazing. And best for little boys:  The wise men arrive on real camels, and a white stallion, paraded grandly up and down every aisle, with  sparkling, colorful robes and glittering crowns. 

What a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas today.

But, the highlight had to be this... Aram, my 8yo, couldn't resist a camel ride outside the church. Obviously, he was this camel's favorite rider of the day--if the  look on the camel's face says anything!

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