Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Own Illustrated Bible

Oh, oh, oh.  I LOVE the illustrations my boys put in their Bible Journals as we learn Bible History and do our devotions. I just HAVE to share. And yes, I only expect my mom to fully appreciate these (because of how well she knows the artist)... but... c'mon... how adorable! These pictures make my day EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

A tour through Aram's (age 8) Bible Journal--not necessarily in order:

The look on the cow's face?  Caption this! 

The wedding at Cana--love the top hat on the Master of the Feast. "Yuuuum!" Oh yeah... this is the best wine he's ever tasted.

This is John the Baptist. How can you tell? Well, he lived in the wilderness--obvious, by the view out his window. And see that bee? He wants his honey back. And that juice is to wash down those locusts.

Insert Elon's (age 5) drawing of the same lesson... where John more resembles "Bigfoot." Elon currently draws people wearing jumpsuits--and a jumpsuit of camel hair?  Yep. Sasquatch.
The Baptism of Christ: Well, I don't know what happened with Jesus'  terrorist-like face, but love that dove descending from heaven in the beam of light, and love those sandals, and the purple one-piece long underwear (?),  the water dripping off Jesus' head, and the spider?
What do you do when you're told to flee to Egypt because the King wants to kill you?  You go sightseeing--see the Holy Family staring in awe at the pyramid... at night?  Why at night?  Well, read the account in the Bible. It says, "Joseph took Jesus and Mary by night..."
Okay... one more for now... which one, which one?  Hmmm....

Psalm 23, "He restoreth my soul,"  interpreted as, "Get back here, you idiot. I'm trying  to help you." 
 I'm going to add more to this post later... because I have a few more gems I've just got to share... so please come back to check!


  1. This is a gift beyond all gifts! I sooooo wish I would have done this when my boys were younger!

    1. Save this for one of his wedding presents, or college graduation, don't you think? :-)