Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow Day! Sew Day!

Yesterday, my rock-star cousin took me shopping at the fabric store to pick fabric and satin ribbon to make some new blankets for Baby Millie.

She picked the first print (kittens on bikes) within seconds. I had a serious hypoglycemic attack (I have NEVER mastered the skill of eating properly when pregnant... because when I'm not pregnant I work so hard to eat less!), so while I had to make a quick run to the front of the store and inhale a Coke and a Milky Way just so I could stay on my feet, she and my daughter had nearly everything picked out! Four super-cute brushed flannel patterns, with coordinating satin ribbon for edging.

So today... I declared a snow day.  You see, while the public school children in our area accumulated 14 snow days over the past two months (thanks to this LOVELY winter we've all had!), we got more school done than ever--and are way ahead.

I told the boys they could play LEGO Battle all morning, and then maybe ride bikes and scooters this afternoon (60 degrees!), and I hauled out the sewing machine to enjoy, finally, after 15 years, some girl-flavored sewing.  And in four blissful, fun, uninterrupted hours, I had completed six amazing blankets!

First, I must introduce you to my sewing quality control department.  He literally "tested" each blanket while it was rolling off the machine. He's got a special technique for rubbing the satin on the tip of his nose to test how "smooth" it is--so he's completely qualified.

"Cool!"  "Awesome!"  he declared!

They're all super-soft brushed cotton flannel with satin ribbon edging. Oversized (42 in square).  The white one on the bottom right is actually fleece, though.

I'm CRAZY about this soft gray flannel print with pale pink satin edging!
The floral satin ribbon on this one is just so fun!

My friend sent me this outfit--and it's colors match EXACTLY with this adorable kitten/bird print!

I got this piece of fluffy, snow-white fleece from a friend, and added this awesome rainbow edging!
This coral/pink zig-zag flannel is the bomb!  Love how it matches this little Carter's set with coral-colored flowers!

31 Weeks and counting until our little Millie is here!  Oh, I can't hardly wait to see what our GIRL is going to look like!  My little boys are now 2, 4, 6, and 8--and they all look completely different from each other!

One week later... and I added her name to this new diaper bag this morning (pre-embroidered iron-on letters), but check out this cheetah print lining! (below).  All packed and ready to go! 8 weeks left!

My 2yo looks at me like I'm crazy when I talk about this baby he can't see.  :-)

What have you been making lately?  Anything fun?  Leave me a link! I'd love to see it!

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  1. These are precious :) I have to tell you that when Ted was about 4 years old, he knew a little girl at church named Millie and I fell in love with that name. :) Precious.