Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Drawings from our Study of Samson

Oh, these have just made my WEEK!

By Aram (8): What carnage in this scene! Pieces of pillars, body parts, falling people, dust.... Do you realize more people died when Samson destroyed the Philistine Palace than when the World Trade Center collapsed?

By Aram:  That famous hair cut! Notice the evil grin on Delilah's face!

By Elon (5): I printed this coloring page off the internet, but then he added more pieces of pillar and just love the poor falling lady in the upper right!

By Elon (5): His version of Samson carrying the gates of Gaza.

Thank you, Lord for your grace and peace in our home, and for the smiles you have given through our study of your Word!

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