Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quotable Quotes (from the kids)

I love remembering the funny things my little (and sometimes the big ones) say.  Here are some I recorded from the past few weeks... had to get them down for the record:

By Aram (8) while doing his science lesson:
Textbook: An octopus is one type of invertebrate. Do you think you would like to be an octopus?

Aram:   You know what would be the worst thing about being an octopus?

Me:  What?

Aram:  Washing your hands before dinner.


Elon (5): I didn't do it! I DIDN'T. When we die and go to heaven, God will show you the replay!

--I don't know if he has strong faith, or if he was calling a bluff that I wouldn't make it to heaven.


By my good friend's son, 10, who had spent the night. This was his breakfast chatter:

I fed a snake to my pet turtle once. The snake did NOT like it. I figured since they were both reptiles, they would work it out."

What?  Did he think the turtle was going to tell the snake,  "Hey, didn't you study science? I'm supposed to eat you!" and then the snake would say, "Well, then, alright mate."


By my good friend (watch out, I do quote adults):

Sure, Mikko (my 23 month old) can come over! He can be a good test for where my house might need baby proofed!

What are friends for?  Sure, my baby can be your crash test dummy! "Oops! Mikko's dead! We better fix that before one of our friends with a baby comes over!"


By Mikko (23 months), the day we started to wean him from his 'binky."

Mikko: Bee! (Binky!)

Me:  No, you be a big boy.

Mikko:  SHUT UP!

Yikes. Do they have 12-step programs for toddlers? Binkies Anonymous, anyone?

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